Protect Contact Fields

Key Highlights

  • Support to management contacts cleanly
Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh


We highly recommend you this add-on will help you decentralization. That means it can help you control the contact.

For example: you have three-team sale and 3 members for each team. How can you control the contact that every members create.

Member A in team 1 > create a contact A1

Member B in team 2 > create a contact B2

Member C in team 3 > create a contact C3

You don't want member A can see the information of customer B2 and C3. And switch off. So we know your pain so we create this one for you. That means who created that they will see and another one can not.


  • Clone addon from git (extract if needed)
  • Upload addon to odoo addons folder
  • Restart odoo service
  • Go to Odoo => Apps => Update Apps List if needed
  • Search "Protect Contact Fields"
  • Install App


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