Ribbon Backend Theme

Key Highlights

  • Multiple Colors
  • New Form View
  • Limit page view selection 
  • Hover
  • Only apply for Odoo version 13 
Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh


Change your vision and make your menu clearly

We are honored to introduce you new features that really eyes catchy. It is gorgeous theme and looks stunning on your database when you using system. We offer new features here:

The first one: Multiple colors that mean you can change the colors in every menu. So now you can choose easily and find the best color for you. If you like purple we have purple, if you like black we have black. Especially, change ribbon color for kanban. Ribbon menu can make your database look stunningly beautiful.

The second: Form view that mean you can look easily, we also simplified some fields unnecessary. You can the message or activies side by side chattet, it is on the next instead of in the end.

The third: Limit page view selection. If you in list view on your database you can see around 0-30 records on a page. But now you can choose more, you can see 0-100 records on a page other than 0-30 records. I think it will help you so many things when you find the imformation.

Last but not least: Hover to see overview and quick action that will make you save time during the time you handling your work.


  • Clone addon from git (extract if needed)
  • Upload addon to odoo addons folder
  • Restart odoo service
  • Go to Odoo => Apps => Update Apps List if needed
  • Search "Ribbon Backend Theme"
  • Install app


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