HR Attendance with ZKTeco Biometric

Key Highlights

  • Integrate zkteco device(Face + Thumb) with Hr Attendance.
  • Check In / Check Out without Internet, and synchronize with odoo when it has internet.
  • Keep the device attendance log in Odoo.
  • This module will support with Zkteco model 'uFace 202', Zkteco model 'iFace990'.
Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh


This Module Integrates Zkteco Device with HR Attendance.


  • Clone addon from git (extract if needed)
  • Upload addon to odoo addons folder
  • Restart odoo service
  • Go to Odoo => Apps => Update Apps List if needed
  • Search "HR Attendace with ZKTeco Biometric"
  • Install app


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